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Do you want more tools to connect with people in your life?

Are you wondering why you haven't found the partner you are looking for?

Do you struggle expressing your desires and needs to your partner?

Would you like to learn how to create more intimacy, connection, and play in your relationships? 


Hello, and thank you for taking a moment to view my website.

I'd love the opportunity to talk with you about the relationship of your dreams, and help you have it!

I work with individuals and couples who seek more alignment between their desires and their relationships.

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Beth Gold

Does speaking your desire come easily and naturally to you?


My Story…

I didn’t have access to my desire until I was in my 30’s!

I got married at a young age without a clue what it takes to make a relationship last. When my ex-husband proposed, I thought, “we both want kids, and, even though we have different values, he’ll change for me after we get married.” Needless to say, I was VERY wrong!

Fast forward 2.5 years and a baby later, I managed to free myself from that toxic relationship.

After my divorce, I pursued personal growth work, and began the journey of my personal transformation! I studied Attachment Theory, did trauma therapy, Imago Therapy, discovered Authentic Relating, and through all of that (and more) I realized that I was completely disconnected from my desire for most of my life.

I made decisions based on social norms and stories, but mostly void of connection to my internal compass. My intuition was off line in many ways, which I learned later was because I didn’t have a connection with my body.

As a protective mechanism in my childhood, I learned to disconnect from my feelings to avoid feeling the pain of trauma in my childhood.

When I was able heal the trauma stored in my body, I was able to reconnect with myself, and my feelings.

I found my “yes” and my “no” for the first time in a very long time!

It was as though I was reborn.

Now, I don’t default to my friends, family and intimate partners’ desires. I take the time to ask myself what I really want, and have the tools to express myself clearly and confidently.

My journey led me to discover my purpose…helping others learn to access their desires!

The past 8 years I have worked as a professional Desire and Intimacy Coach and Counselor working with individuals and couples.

Today, I am committed to owning my own needs, desires, feelings and experiences, and I realize that my purpose in this life is to inspire and support others to do the same. My desire is my compass, and when I work with clients, I utilize a feeling of aliveness as a tool to coach people and empower them to make decisions that are aligned with their inner truth, which creates more revenue, confidence, pleasure, and empowerment in their personal and business lives.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time in my community with friends, dancing, soaking up the sunshine, hiking the beautiful mountains of Boulder, and traveling to the beach as often as possible.

My studies include: B.A. from Guilford College, Certified Health Coach from IIN, and a Certification in Authentic Leadership and Facilitation from the Integral Center.

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The time to discover your desire is now…

Unlock your deepest desires…

My purpose is to teach, to inspire, to counsel and to help you claim your desires.

I will give you the tools you need to express yourself fully.

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Tuning into your Desire
Working with Individuals

Life is all about relationships. It may be full of challenges, discovery, trauma, heartache, stress, love, and so much more. Many of us didn't have ideal role models to learn the communication tools necessary for successful relationships. Often, people don't know what they want in partnership because they don't have access to their desires.

Do you want her to respond with a "yes" when you ask her out?

Do you want him to meet your needs?

Do you want to learn what to say when utilizing online dating?

I'm here to help you speak your desires and achieve the results you want in love.

Tending to your Relationship
Counseling for Couples

I have met so many couples who haven't reached the full potential of their relating. They lack vulnerability with each other, and the tools to communicate well. As a dating and relationship counselor for over 5 years, I have worked with single people frustrated with their dating life, couples who have been married for years and want to bring the spark back into their relationship, others who feel hopeless and want to give up, and everything in between.

Let's work together to help you figure out what's blocking you from attaining your ideal relationships.

Use your relationship as a path of growth.

Local and Virtual Events
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Tuning in to your desire


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