What is the most important marketing strategy for realtors? 

It is essential for you as a realtor to utilize the support of your agency with your own personal branding. For example, many people will recognize an agency name like RE/MAX or Century 21, and that can be helpful when marketing yourself, because a well-known brand is something people love and trust. What's also important is that agents develop their own unique brand to use in conjunction with their agency. That means, have your own logo, your own website that looks well designed and professional, while still looking personal and unique.

The combination of your agency's well recognized name, with your personalized, custom marketing products, will differentiate you from the competition. See examples of professional, beautiful, custom branding and marketing materials below. 





Show your clients that you are an expert of your community by sending custom newsletters every month with information they will love including: local real estate stats, news, local events and more! 

Logo and Business Card Design 

jimmy keith logo for front of business card copy.png

Your logo is the foundation of your personal brand. This will be used along with your agency's logo on your website, your business card, and all of your marketing materials. Let me design one for you that stands out and represents you! Click below to view portfolio.

Presentation Packages

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Don't settle for generic marketing materials for your clients. Impress them with beautiful buyer and seller guides that will wow them the moment they sit down with you. These are customized for you, and can be used digitally, printed or both. 


“Beth, AKA The Marketing Babe designed my beautiful logo and website. She creates all of my marketing materials and does exceptional work. I get so many compliments on my logo and business cards all the time, and my clients LOVE the monthly newsletter she sends out. I highly recommend her to all my fellow realtors who are looking for extraordinary marketing and branding.”